MTTA Backcountry Conditions

M3 MountainCam Images - Recorded Earlier

NOTE:  Our webcam equipment was removed during the High Hut's expansion.   We hope to reinstall the webcam next summer.   The following images were recorded earlier.   For the latest conditions, please see our Trail Conditions report below and/or check

Mt. Rainier

High Hut Deck & Bear Basin

Mt. St. Helens

M3, MTTA's Mountain Monitoring system, is located at High Hut, at nearly 5000'.   The M3 MountainCam has a 270 degree view of the Cascade Range, including Mt Rainier, Mt St Helens, Saw Tooth Ridge and the Goat Rocks Wilderness area.  

M3 equipment was funded by a very generous grant from REI , with additional funding provided by Whittaker Mountaineering in Ashford.   If you like this system, please let them know and support their businesses.

Trail Conditions Report
as of Wednesday, Oct 22nd, 2014

There's no snow currently at the huts, but there have been years where we had 1-2 FEET of snow by Halloween!  So it's time to start thinking about getting your skis and snowshoes ready for MTTA's backcountry.  And if you want a chance at those coveted weekend hut reservations, don't forget to attend the Nov 1st MTTA Gala at the Seattle REI.

Forecast:   snow levels are expected to range between 4500' and 6500' for the next week; they need to drop significantly to result in snow at our huts.

Sno-Park Permit and Discover Pass Requirements:  All vehicles parking in a Sno-Park or on a Sno-Park Access Road must have a season or day Sno-Park Permit.   If you have a season Sno-Park Permit, you do not need a Discover Pass.   If you only purchase a day Sno-Park Permit, you must also have and post a Discover Pass.

Spot forecast links for key locations in our backcountry plus satellite images:

Think SNOW and stay tuned for updated conditions! 

Full Size M3 MountainCam Images - recorded earlier

Mt Rainier, ~2000' to 14,410'

Upper Camp Muir Snowfield, ~8000' to ~11,000'

High Hut's Deck with a view of Bear Basin and the Anderson Lake Trail

Trail approaching High Hut

Snow Depth just South of High Hut
(if you can't see a number, there is more than 9 ft of snow!)

Thermometer on High Hut's Deck
(morning sunlight causes high readings)

Mt. St. Helens

High Rock Lookout